About Us

Grover A. Gamm

The Gamm Vocational Training Program was established in 1986 as a state funded, locally operated program designed to assist the agricultural community by providing vocational training opportunities.  Through the initiative of Grover Gamm, a farmer, businessman and former member of the State Board of Education, it was recognized that many farmers would need retraining to find employment off the farm, or to hold a part-time job that would allow them to stay on the farm.  Since northeast Missouri had few vocational training facilities, the Gamm Program was set up as a broker for vocational education.  Program participants could examine programs offered at over thirty vocational training facilities and choose the one that best met personal training and employment goals.

Board of Directors

  • Deborah Scott, Chairman of the Board

  • David McCutchan, Vice Chairman

  • Randy Sharpe, Member

  • Cheryl Mayes, Member

  • Robert Wallace, Member


Gamm Incorporated Staff

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